This week, I took a big step in my new career as a scientist. That still feels not-right, being called a scientist.

In October 2012, I found a molar from Camelops huerfanensis, an extinct North American camel, at the Waco Mammoth Site. Soon after, it was put on display, where it has been ever since. This week, it got a little cleaning! My research partner and I will begin studying the teeth of all our animals here at the site. By scraping the plaque off teeth and looking for certain particles, we hope to learn exactly what these animals ate. Our first subject is the humble camel tooth I found. If we're successful, we'll move on to mammoths.

This was serious business, so of course I brought ponies. Stay tuned for adventures in the lab!


This intrepid ponymonger keeps injuring herself. I'll be making a comic about the injury that kept me away for most of February. Today's injury is less exciting but has kept me bedridden.

You know how Michael Keaton's Batman has to tilt his entire torso just to look up, as if he were strapped to a pole? Of course, you do! Well, that's me today. I fought a gate yesterday, and the gate won. Dumb gate.

Anyway, between my injuries, I managed to get a new playset. How cute! It's a new line called Mi World, and it's sold in the US (hooray!), and while it's no Re-Ment, it's darn cute. Minty always has that blank grin, but I think she looks happier than usual right now. With a few modifications, I should be able to expand a little!



When I wasn't digging in piles of gravel, climbing trees, or building Lego cars for my ponies, my childhood hours were spent watching movies. A lot of movies. Adults said I'd go nearsighted and my brain would turn to mush. I did end up with glasses, and the caliber of my brain is debatable, but I came away with a love of storytelling.

I also idolized Dr. Egon Spengler. He was smart and witty, and I thought he was handsome. Even though Ghostbusters doesn't have a shred of science in it, Egon made me love science. I wanted to be like him. As a teenager, my focus shifted, and I wanted to emulate his dry humor and timing instead. And once I began this venture, I shifted my focus again, to the work of the man himself, and I appreciated his eye for photography and his ear for dialogue. His work (on both sides of the camera) helped form who I am.

Safe journeys, Harold Ramis. You are dearly missed.




This, of course, begs the question of what happens if a bird yawns. Do they end up flying backwards?


I set my sights on a Friday update, and I'm almost out of Friday. I will make the comic Sunday, put it on ice, and upload it Wednesday.

Have a kitty! Everyone, this is Ash. Ash, this is… everyone.



This one kinda wrote itself. The hard part was choosing jokes to eliminate.

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year from KT!

We're starting our year with a case of strep. I won't be attempting a comic while on Nyquil, but if I think of anything hilarious, I'll be sure to write it down to use later.




See you next year!

Ponies and the Pleistocene--Big Kitties

The Waco Mammoth Site has two levels of mammoths. Between these two levels, another event gave us a very different collection of fossils. So far, this intermediate level has produced five ribs from an herbivore, not yet identified, and one very small, very special tooth.

The tooth is in storage today, but I recently painted a replica of it, shown top right, which we put on display this week. It's from a baby saber-tooth cat! This cub was less than a year old, and its fang was six centimeters long, root to tip. We don't know yet which type of saber-tooth it was.

The most famous, of course, is Smilodon fatalis, and some of these ambush predators may have lived in Central Texas. A replica of one of this beast's fangs is shown on the left. The other likely candidate is Homotherium serum, the scimitar cat. This animal had shorter fangs (specimens from The University of Texas pictured lower right) but longer legs, using pursuit instead of ambush.

Until more of this cub is found, we won't know which one we have. Either way, I bet it was an adorable kitty.

There will be no KT next week, as I will be out of town, helping a friend with research. See you the week after!



I, for one, welcome our new, leporid overlords.


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