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Whew! Sorry this is a little late. This is the most intricate page I've done in awhile. ^_^

I'm getting ready to start a major story arc in KT. I'm also faced with the possibility that I may need to make some changes to KT's structure soon. In order to make the best possible choices for you, the reader, I need to get to know my audience better. If you have the time, please consider filling out a short survey for me.

Poll #946253 Getting to Know You!
Open to: All, detailed results viewable to: All, participants: 96

In which region do you live?

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United States or Canada
71 (74.0%)
Central or South America
0 (0.0%)
Great Britain or Europe
19 (19.8%)
Northern Africa or the Middle East
0 (0.0%)
Sub-Saharan Africa
0 (0.0%)
Indian subcontinent
0 (0.0%)
Eastern Asia
3 (3.1%)
Australia or the Pacific
3 (3.1%)

Is English your first language?

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90 (93.8%)
No, but I am fluent.
5 (5.2%)
No, but I am learning.
1 (1.0%)

If English is not your first language, do you have problems understanding the text in KT?

If I need to change KT's schedule, on which days are you most likely to read?

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3 (3.4%)
8 (9.1%)
0 (0.0%)
1 (1.1%)
3 (3.4%)
2 (2.3%)
9 (10.2%)

Thank you in advance. I couldn't do this without you!


(Deleted comment)
Mar. 14th, 2007 07:06 pm (UTC)
Well, for one, I use Photoshop, which I know you hate. XD But you might be able to do something similar with your PSP. My method is similar to how it's done at Balloon Tales.

First, I type the text on a layer above the background layer, centering it and spacing it to make it into a roughly round shape. Then, I place a layer between the text layer and the background for the balloon.

I use the circle tool to draw a circle around the text. Then, I use the path tool to draw the tail and any lines connecting bubbles. Make sure the path tool is set to include (add) to the path rather than exclude. After I've got it all drawn out, I right-click and choose "Make Selection." This turns the whole shape into a selection, which I find easier to work with. Click on the select tool, and then right-click on the selection. Choose "Fill," and fill it with white. Right-click again and choose "Stroke," and set it to black, two pixels, centered. Don't worry, it stores your options, so you'll only have to set them once. Right-click and deselect, and you've got a balloon! The last step is to go back to the text layer and move the text so that it's centered in the balloon.

It sounds complicated, but it's really not. I've been doing it so long now, I could do it in my sleep. I'm usually half-asleep when I make these, anyway. LOL!

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