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Hey, there! We're having ourselves a little internet outage here in KT Land. I thought maybe I could save the comic to my phone somehow and at least post it here with the LiveJournal app. My phone disagreed with this plot. I will keep you apprised of future details!

I always feel compelled to share something, so here's what I've been doing at work! I'm learning how to do anatomical reconstruction, and my first piece was a glyptodon. I'm also having to relearn colored pencil. It's been so long!

I'm no Carl Buell, but with time and practice, I'm hoping to get a good feel for paleoart.

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    I kept Fluttershy away far longer than I intended. Whoops!

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    Well, it would be unthinkable to consume actual fruit, Minty.

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    Minty normally is very charitable. It's just that cinnamon rolls are at stake. I posted Monday about the state of change I am in and the future…

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