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I've spent most my life watching blessed little television. Most years, I had one or two programs I watched. Some years, I had none, other than "The Simpsons," which was ritual, honestly. Something changed about three years ago. All of a sudden, there was good programming. Lots of it. I've become a TV watcher, embarrassingly enough, and now that I am waiting out a gap between seasons, I find myself with hours to fill. Strange... I'm sure I had hobbies or something at one point. What was I doing?



Sep. 5th, 2012 10:57 am (UTC)
It's weird. I hear about all this TV that's supposed to be good, but I never actually bother to watch it. I watched the first episode of Breaking Bad maybe 6 weeks ago, wasn't particularly interested in it. I refuse to watch Game of Thrones until I've reads the books (and I do actually have the first book, I just have to read it.)

Mad Men is a show that everyone tells me I'd like. It was another show where I watched the first episode and wasn't interested enough to watch more.

It probably also helps that I don't have cable or anything. I _can't_ watch most stuff on TV.

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