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The Future of KT

How do I start this?

When I first began KT in 2006, I didn't expect it to last long. It was just to amuse myself and my immediate circle of friends. To my surprise, it got somewhat popular, peaking around 2010. It has been slowly declining since then. Comments on social media have decreased. Traffic to the website has decreased.

At the same time, I recently was promoted at the paleontological site where I work. I have more responsibilities, and I work longer hours. After seven years of reliable, weekly updates, I find myself having to skip weeks or update a day late.

So I am left with a choice. I very much want to continue the comic--I still enjoy it, and I'm not quite done with my story. At the same time, it's clear that the current set-up is not working. Long-term, I have to decide if it's time to start winding the comic toward the end I have had in mind all along. More immediately, I have to decide if the weekly update schedule needs to change. That's where you come in.

Poll #1912400 KT Schedules

When should KT update?

Keep to the Wednesday schedule, even if sometimes, it's late
Switch to Mondays, so maybe it won't be late as often
Switch to Tuesdays, so maybe it won't be late as often



May. 7th, 2013 01:42 am (UTC)
I'm another "doesn't comment much, but constant reader"- I don't mind what day you post on. Make it whatever fits your schedule easiest. Real life happens, (congrats on that promotion, btw!), and usually comes first. No one will die from the comic running late. We can be amused whenever. :)

Many people have suggested tumblr- I use it for the company I work with, and it is super easy to queue up posts when you have a few and to schedule them ahead of time. Maybe not what you want to switch to- and honestly, I'm not familiar with the full capability of lj's posting ability anymore- but maybe a good place to crosspost to. There are a lot of pony fans- of all gens, over there who'd appreciate the story and excellent humor that I've come to appreciate.

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