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Ponies and the Pleistocene: Coordinating

I've told you all lots of awesome things about fossils, megafauna, and mammoth behavior. Some people are curious about how I fit into all this. What do I do?

I am the education coordinator at the Waco Mammoth Site. This means I'm responsible for educational programs, exhibits, and outreach. Programs are the main focus of my job. I design activities like small excavation boxes to teach kids the differences between geology, archaeology, and paleontology. Exhibits are important, too. They allow guests to learn on their own. Outreach includes visits to schools, presenting at conferences, and online discussion, such as Ponies and the Pleistocene.

And then there are events. This is Fossil Week! We've spent the last two months planning our annual Fall Fossil Festival, which will be October 19, and is why you're not reading a new comic. Ha!

If you have a natural history site or museum in your area, they probably are celebrating National Fossil Day on October 19 as well. Go visit them! They each have their own education coordinator, and they'd love for you to enjoy their work.

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