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When I wasn't digging in piles of gravel, climbing trees, or building Lego cars for my ponies, my childhood hours were spent watching movies. A lot of movies. Adults said I'd go nearsighted and my brain would turn to mush. I did end up with glasses, and the caliber of my brain is debatable, but I came away with a love of storytelling.

I also idolized Dr. Egon Spengler. He was smart and witty, and I thought he was handsome. Even though Ghostbusters doesn't have a shred of science in it, Egon made me love science. I wanted to be like him. As a teenager, my focus shifted, and I wanted to emulate his dry humor and timing instead. And once I began this venture, I shifted my focus again, to the work of the man himself, and I appreciated his eye for photography and his ear for dialogue. His work (on both sides of the camera) helped form who I am.

Safe journeys, Harold Ramis. You are dearly missed.

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