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This intrepid ponymonger keeps injuring herself. I'll be making a comic about the injury that kept me away for most of February. Today's injury is less exciting but has kept me bedridden.

You know how Michael Keaton's Batman has to tilt his entire torso just to look up, as if he were strapped to a pole? Of course, you do! Well, that's me today. I fought a gate yesterday, and the gate won. Dumb gate.

Anyway, between my injuries, I managed to get a new playset. How cute! It's a new line called Mi World, and it's sold in the US (hooray!), and while it's no Re-Ment, it's darn cute. Minty always has that blank grin, but I think she looks happier than usual right now. With a few modifications, I should be able to expand a little!

Tags: filler art, via ljapp

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