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Mwaha! It's metahumor!

KT came very close to not updating this week. Last week, my computer's hard drive died and went to that big server in the sky. I had a new one installed, which is basically like giving a computer a brain transplant, and I've been frantically reinstalling everything since we got it back. After getting some spiffy, new RAM and USB ports, the repairs cost me $300. Ouch....

My good friend, Spoosh of ponyville, will be posting some auctions soon to help me recover the costs of these repairs. So if you like MLP or other 80's toys, keep checking this entry. I'll be posting a link to the auctions once they're up. ^_^

Edit: Ponies are now listed at the MLP Arena. They are only available for one day, and then the ponies, along with some other neat things, will make their way to eBay. Please take a look!

Edit 24 May: Items for the first KT Fundraiser are now up on eBay! Be sure to drop by and have a look. Bid and be merry!

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