April 21st, 2006


Kimono's Townhouse Meet and Greet: Kimono

Hello! As you probably know, I am Kimono, from Kimono's Townhouse. Dava, the odd girl who documents my life, thought it would be a good idea if Minty and I had a "Meet and Greet," where we can interact with everyone who follows KT. She said something about it being a nice way for our fans to get to know us, as well as "a novel approach to character development," whatever that means.

I can't imagine anyone being terribly interested in my life, but I'll play along. So if you have anything you would like to ask me, feel free. Just don't ask me anything too horribly personal. I'd like to come out of this with at least some dignity.

If response is good, you all will be subjected to a Meet and Greet with Minty. Joy of joys.

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