February 5th, 2008

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My own apologies to those who speak English as a second language: definitions of "offensive." :P

Happy Birthday, KT!

Kimono's Townhouse turns 2-years-old on February 8th. Hooray! When I started this thing, I never imagined I'd still be doing it two years later. :D I put together some fun things to celebrate the occasion!
  1. KT Flyers--print up some of these flyers and leave small stacks of them in appropriate places, like flyer tables at conventions or the front counter of your favorite comic shop. OMG, viral marketing!
  2. HideEmail--a little Perl script I wrote that lets you use mailto links on your website without worrying about spambots finding your email address. My gift to the world. ^_^ (Note: it's still in the beta testing stage, and a CGI-BIN is required.)
  3. KT Scavenger Hunt--well, it's more like an Easter egg hunt, only a little early. ~_^ I've hidden a page on the website that has Batmint and Cooking with Superman desktop wallpapers you can download. To find the page, look for this purple star logo hidden somewhere on the website:

Happy Hunting!

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