March 5th, 2008

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Boy, is Kimono in for a surprise. :P

Website news! I have added a much-needed archive page to the comic section. So now, when you're telling your friend about the one where Minty ate wasabi, you'll have an easier time finding the link. ;)

I also plan on adding a search function soon, so comics will be even easier to find. To do this, though, I need help. Each comic page needs to be transcribed and entered into a database. I have six transcribed so far, but that leaves ninety others as of this week. That's more than any one person can do, but it's an easy task for a group. If you'd like to help, please go to my archive database and pick a comic to transcribe. Your help is really appreciated!

Many thanks to those who donated to Rachel Nabors last week. She's raised enough money so far to cover the first of her procedures, but she still needs help getting money for subsequent surgeries. Please visit this page and see how you can help a worthy cause and get an exclusive KT wallpaper.

And finally! My brother-in-law, Kyle, recently graduated from film school and is venturing off into the wider world. I have a few missions in life, and one of them is to help others reach their goals. If I believe in you, I'll do everything I can to promote you and get you out there. So, if you like edgy, indie movies, please consider watching some of his films. (Warning, they contain mature content.) Drunken Gnome Productions.

That's all until next week!

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