April 11th, 2009

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Easter Egg Hunt

Happy Easter from Kimono's Townhouse! Many thanks to Katherin PenDragon for this fantastic artwork! :D And now, on to the hunt...

2009 Kimono's Townhouse Easter Egg Hunt

I'm a big movie buff, and one of my favorite things are "Easter eggs," little details hidden in the movie for diehard fans. I can't watch Star Wars without looking for the potato in the asteroid field, and I'm always watching the background characters in "The Simpsons." So, of course, KT is riddled with Easter eggs. Can you find them before anyone else?

The first winning entrant will receive the Grand Prize: a mega-sized Easter egg stuffed with candy and all the miniature items Kimono and Minty would need for a girls' night in... popcorn, soda, games, and a widescreen TV tuned to "Cooking with Superman." Seven additional winners will receive an Easter egg containing a cool, miniature item and a piece of candy.

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Leader Board
Grand Prize: sailorangei
2nd: delynfirebrand
3rd: animeartistjo
4th: demon_666 (prize forfeited)
5th: sallythetimid
6th: naitre
7th: tyreenya
8th: sunshineguinn
9th: orangeophelia (first to score 11 out of 12)

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