July 27th, 2009

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Way back when I was in junior high, DC Comics killed off Superman, and the media made big deal out of it. Superman came back (with a mullet!) and everything went back to normal. Then, a few years ago, Marvel killed off Captain America, and again, the media made a big deal out of it. He, too, has come back, of course. So when Batman died recently, there was no coverage, no media blitz. The news outlets finally learned that no one stays dead in comics except, as the saying goes, Uncle Ben. It caused so little stir, in fact, that I didn’t hear about it until months after it happened, having been away from comic books lately.

Now, I know some of you are wondering who Sue Dibny is. Sue was the wife of a second tier character, Elongated Man, and when DC killed her a few years ago, they made a big deal about it. Someone knows the identities of all the superheroes! None of their families are safe! It was a terrific series. What we, the comic reading public, didn’t know was DC Comics was about to enter a quagmire. See, Dr. Light assaulted Sue Dibny. The second tier heroes caught him and decided to do a mindwipe on him, but Batman walked in, so of course, they had to mindwipe him, too. So the death of Sue Dibny led to the death of a dejected Blue Beetle, and the death of Blue Beetle led to Wonder Woman killing Max Lord, which made everyone really mad at Wonder Woman. And Batman, having this overwhelming sense that he can’t trust anyone, released a spy program that was used by the O.M.A.C. Project, targeting all the other heroes. That caught the attention of a Superman from an alternate universe, along with his other leftover, alternate buddies from convoluted continuity, who were all living in some bubble thing. So the alternate heroes started fighting with the regular heroes, and now DC has split off into a multiverse again.

Thanks a lot, Dr. Light.

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