March 17th, 2010

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Haha, the way I have Spackles positioned in front of Minty's plush bunny, he looks like he has rabbit ears!

Last Christmas, my husband was having a hard time finding gifts for me. I said I really hoped I would have green socks in my stocking. I have a lot of green shirts but only one pair of green socks! Christmas morning came, and I got many lovely things... but no green socks. Kris said he looked everywhere and couldn't find any. I figured he looked for them the way most men look for clothes; men won't dedicate more than ten minutes to clothes shopping. So I set about looking for some green socks, and after checking several stores, I discovered he was right. I couldn't find green socks anywhere! That is, I couldn't find any until March. Needless to say, I'm greedily awaiting the end of St. Patty's Day.