April 7th, 2010

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Everything I ever wanted to say to a customer while I was working in comics. We had several customers boast to us that they had the first issue of Superman, one proclaiming that it was "still in the plastic!" The utter absurdity of this--that they could have something so incredibly rare in their possession, let alone that something from that era would come wrapped in plastic--was completely lost on them. It makes the news every time one of these comics auctions, but what the news fails to report is that there are only about 100 known copies of Action Comics #1, and that no, you probably don't have one. No, they leave that to comic shops to explain to disappointed customers who thought they'd suddenly found a way to pay off their mortgage.

It's difficult to explain that without sounding like a jerk.

For the MLP collectors in the audience, I have a new round of auctions!