August 3rd, 2011

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Ever feel like you and the person you're talking to are having completely different conversations?

So after tinkering off and on for a few months, I learned a terrible truth about the mobile web. Designing websites for mobile devices is very much like designing websites was in the mid 90's. It's full of proprietary tags and spotty support for standards, dividing the Internet into fiefdoms. And Opera Mini... well, it's like Internet Explorer 6 came back from the grave. Ultimately, I decided that if a site works, that is good enough. I'm guessing Mini users are accustomed to sites having strange layout.

News: Minty in your Pocket!

I promised big things for KT's fifth year, and this little project was high on my list. Kimono's Townhouse has gone mobile! Take Kimono and Minty with you wherever you go. The site features all the comics, completely ad-free.