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LOL... I expect I'll get a lot of questions about this one. :P

And it's Poll Time! I had a heck of a time fitting everything I wanted to in this week's page, which is becoming a frequent struggle. I would liked to have fit in more panels this week, so I could improve the timing.

The pages are currently 520 x 630 pixels, and they average 350kb in file size. I'm considering taking the pages larger, but I don't want to distort everyone's LJ layouts or kill anyone's modem. So help me out with a little input!

Poll #993782 For the embiggenment of us all...

Which size would you prefer?

520 x 630 (the current size)
600 x 730
640 x 775
700 x 850

Here is a 70kb reference graphic so you can see how big each size is. Please keep in mind that bigger pages will equal bigger file sizes, although I will try to keep those in check. No more than 500kb; I promise!


May. 30th, 2007 06:24 pm (UTC)
On the one hand, whatever size works for you, works for me. Seriously - you're the artist; you get to choose. :)

On the other hand, as mentioned below, there is a "posting to my f'list" issue with having bigger panels. However, there is a very simple solution - a single-panel lj-cut teaser image! so when I look at my f'list, it's not stretched out way all over the place, I'll see an image and go "Oooh new Kimono's Townhouse!" and click and get the big comic all by itself, and magic! ;)

Also... this is awesome, and I'm sorry I didn't get a chance to read/comment on the last one until just now, but I have to say that your comics do a wonderful job of making me LOL on a regular basis. Yay ponies! :D
May. 31st, 2007 07:22 pm (UTC)
That's an idea! I probably won't go larger, since a clear majority wants to keep KT at the current size. But if I do, I can use a smaller, clickable image. ^_^

but I have to say that your comics do a wonderful job of making me LOL on a regular basis

Aw, thanks! :D I'm glad people enjoy this!

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