Kimono's Townhouse (kimonos_house) wrote,
Kimono's Townhouse


Warning! The following comic contains really gross, disgusting humor. If that sort of thing bothers you, please avert your eyes and keep scrolling!

I've been feeling pretty depressed about my job lately. And then, a few days ago, everyone at work started swapping stories about the worst time they got sick, and for some reason, laughing about those stories made me feel so much better. So that story Minty told? Every word is true, and unfortunately, it happened to me. But hey, if laughing about that made me feel better, maybe it'll help someone else, too. :P

(Hopefully, not too many people mind the departure...)

Also, KT finally has an article at Comixpedia. You know, for people who enjoy editing such things. ;)

Tags: minty's job, sunny daze, vignettes
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