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I work in retail, and I bend over backwards for some of our customers. We have customers who have to buy everything separately, because they can't add. We have customers who leave their money or their ID in their car. And we have customers who play the pointing game either because they can't read or are too lazy to be bothered to speak. I'm sure my pain is universal.

Many, many thanks to those who have helped with the transcription effort! I tried my best to thank each of you individually in my previous entry. Thanks to your hard work, we are halfway there! Woohoo!

Transcriptions Written

Update (27 March): 65.7%, woohoo! Thanks, Guiliaine and anonymous benefactors!

Transcriptions Written

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Mar. 26th, 2008 02:25 pm (UTC)
I did work in retail, but not long enough to experience all the possibilities of annoying customers.

Now, I did work in a pet shop however, and let me tell you, when people are shopping for, say, hamsters who aren't tame and leap out of your hands the first chance they get... that is the worst, because they'll go through every single one of them until they find one that will sit still. :x

I've also had a customer grab tons and tons and tons of things, tell me he was going to get his debit card, then came back two hours later, grabbed more things, so I've got this huge pile of things on one of the counters... and then he ended up disappearing somewhere and never buying them. >.>

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