Kimono's Townhouse (kimonos_house) wrote,
Kimono's Townhouse

Welcome, new readers!


I noticed that my readership has doubled in the last week, and I wanted to greet all the new readers! This place is still very much under contruction, so please excuse the dust. ~_^

I've noticed both here and at the MLP forums that a lot of you have questions, so I thought I would direct you toward the Info and Frequently Asked Questions page. This should answer most of your questions regarding the townhouse itself, the accessories and my multitude of custom Kimonos. (Yes, they are customs!) If you have any other questions, do feel free to ask them here!

Thank you all very much for your interest in this project! I look forward to sharing many stories with you in the future. ^_^


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    Look, Ma. No hands.

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    After this week's writing session, my husband now wants to mow half our lawn, leaving our mower in place with zombie legs sticking out from under…

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    So you found something you think is evil, and your first thought was to bring it home? Oh, Minty.

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