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I've got the exact opposite problem. My hair won't stay straight! I think every girl has this problem, though. And if they don't, they're one of those girls the rest of us hate. ;)

You guys went above and beyond for the vote initiative last week! You only had to meet one criteria, but you met all three! KT was in the top 100 of both BuzzComix and Top Web Comics, and it's been holding steady at #2 on Photo Web Comics. :D This means there will be an extra comic this month, on Monday, July 28. Hooray!

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Jul. 10th, 2008 12:05 pm (UTC)
OMG I have the exact same problem as Kimono IT IS SO FREAKIN ANNOYING! And i know a lot of people have told me oh its so nice you have such straight hair. BUT my hair has no volume what-so-ever and it can hold NO style AT ALL. Hairspray or not. Hairspray will just keep it for maybe an hour. God it is so annoying. I was just about to say that its like some dead thing on my head hahahaha but then I realized it was. And most days its humid or something it just frizzes. And looks bad.

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