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This one is dedicated to my friend, Anne, who fights the good fight. Hopefully, I haven't legitimized these errors.

Two of the voting sites are still having some problems, including that one with the weird conflict with LiveJournal that causes links to forward to a phishing site. I've received complaints that those bad links were causing readers' anti-phishing programs to sound the alarms. So, in light of this, I've created a safe voting portal. Until the problems clear up, I will be linking to this instead of directly to the buttons. Be sure to read all the warnings before you vote!

And a million-billion thanks to all those who vote despite all the trouble. You are too awesome!

KT Voting Portal


Jan. 10th, 2009 06:53 pm (UTC)
LOL! Thanks! (And hey... how ya been?!)

All four of the names are a bonus joke for those familiar with French words that have crept into English usage. Fopah is my favorite, because it reminds me of Polka music. Fo-pah, Fo-pah, Fo-pah-pah!

I have several recurring dreams, and I wish I didn't. The one I have most involves my right index finger being cut off! o_O

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