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Sometimes, life hands you irony. My husband and I don't drink alcohol. It's not a morality judgment. We just sniff it and think, "Ew! People drink this?!" The irony of the situation is that he and I work together at a liquor store. I have a bad habit of saying things that could be misinterpreted, and it's even worse if people know where I work. I pretty much cannot talk about drinks without people assuming the wrong thing. Of course, I say that, and now I'm going to talk about tea.:P

Every now and then, I manage to give up caffeine for awhile. I did this again a few months ago, swearing off my beloved Dr Pepper. Then, last month, I discovered chai masala. I have been shamelessly hooked ever since. So tasty!

I know I promised new wallpapers last week, but I ended up having a bunch of other, weirder things to handle, so I will have to try again. New stuff soon! Promise! In the mean time, fans of 28 Days Later can entertain themselves with a fan movie my husband and his brother made. It combines paintball and zombies, and really... who doesn't love that?

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