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Over the years, I've come across a couple service providers who wouldn't admit something was wrong with their DNS. Not naming names, because they are a litigious bunch. They'll blame the problem on any number of things. It's your firewall. You have something set wrong. The Playstation Network is blocking us; we don't know why. (Conversely, the Playstation Network will blame any problems they're having on your service provider.) I'm not sure what goes on in meetings when something like this happens, but I picture it looking something like this.

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Sep. 28th, 2009 10:56 am (UTC)
Having worked in a lot of customer service, they don't ever tell the phone reps not to tell the customer what's wrong. They just don't tell the REPS what's wrong, they just say "Some users may be experiencing some issues and we're looking into it" and that's all the reps have to go on when the customers call in.

There's also a "call flow", and you're supposed to give the customer the next step in the process, then try to get whatever information (like signing up family or whatever) out of them or try to get them to upgrade their service, then kick them off the phone to fend for themselves so you can take the next call. I kid you not, it's not about customer service, it's about getting customers off the phone. Which is why I've ended up quitting all of my customer service jobs (except one), because almost all call centers are like that. I disobeyed and actually solved peoples' problems, and refused to up-sell anything, so I was always getting written up. (And at one place, despite having a 95% solve rate and a 98% satisfaction rate, I was in trouble because my average handle time was 16 minutes instead of 12 minutes ... even though I usually fixed peoples' problems so they wouldn't be calling back. LAME!)

Edit: Wow, lots of people saying they've had these meetings. Amazing that they've worked in places where the management actually talks to the reps. Of course, most of the call centers I've worked at have had hundreds or thousands of employees, so meetings like this just don't happen anyway. At most the supervisors gather their reps in one aisle and have a chat with them.

Edited at 2009-09-28 10:57 am (UTC)

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