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I got really excited when I first heard about Paranormal Activity. It's a low budget horror film, and the early buzz claimed it was the scariest movie of the past decade. I love seeing what people can do with shoestring budgets, and I haven't been scared by a movie since I was a teenager, so I was stoked to see it. My husband and I managed to see it before the nationwide release, and we came away with mixed reactions. We really enjoyed it, but all the hype had raised our expectations. We weren't the least bit frightened by the movie. Then again, it might scare the daylights out of an average viewer--the audience was certainly scared. We aren't exactly normal. ;)

KT fell short of the goal to get a bonus comic this month, but everyone tried so hard to get it there. So I made free icons! Be sure to go back and check them out if you missed them.

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