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It's Wasabi! I originally planned to introduce this little fellow back in 2007, but I just never could find the right time. Our two hundredth comic seemed like as good a time as any! Many thanks to David for the fantastic miniature dice set. They are lovely!

Happy holidays to you and yours. See you Monday!

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Dec. 23rd, 2009 09:22 am (UTC)
I love the blurring!!!

He is so cute! AHAHAHA, Wasabi!!

Those dice are so cute, and I love the mini present boxes!! Did you make them, or buy them?
Dec. 23rd, 2009 02:22 pm (UTC)
Little bit of both. ^_^ Most of them came with either Barbies or GI Joes, believe it or not.
(Deleted comment)
Dec. 23rd, 2009 02:21 pm (UTC)
Um... duplicate layer, motion blur, then I applied a mask. ^_^
Dec. 23rd, 2009 11:34 am (UTC)
Congratulations on 200 comics! I love the tiny dice and I can't wait to see what happens with Wasabi. :)
Dec. 23rd, 2009 12:40 pm (UTC)
Cuteness! Hope Wasabi and Spackles will be BFFs :D
Dec. 23rd, 2009 12:47 pm (UTC)
No one expects the Wasabi Inquisition!

I too have a bunch of miniature dice. My son thought the container they were in was a maraca. Dice went everywhere.
Dec. 23rd, 2009 02:24 pm (UTC)
These are the cutest things. They're about 5mm! They're only in metallic colors right now, but I hope they make them in acrylic soon.
(no subject) - seanmonster - Dec. 24th, 2009 04:15 pm (UTC) - Expand
(no subject) - kimonos_house - Dec. 24th, 2009 11:41 pm (UTC) - Expand
Dec. 23rd, 2009 02:09 pm (UTC)
Congrats on #200!! Go, Wasabi!! :-D
Dec. 23rd, 2009 02:23 pm (UTC)
Hee! A worthy #200. I love how he's making friends with Minty in the background...pets and babies always know who to bug, don't they?
Dec. 23rd, 2009 02:25 pm (UTC)
It's like how cats always zero in on the most allergic person in the room. XD
Dec. 23rd, 2009 03:27 pm (UTC)
lol, AWESOME!!! I love Wasabi! =D
Dec. 23rd, 2009 04:15 pm (UTC)
This one is your best comic EVER!!!
I really adore dragons! ♥
Dec. 23rd, 2009 05:10 pm (UTC)
The miniatures you set up for these comics just blow me away sometimes. Now is one of those times. I actually forget I'm looking at a tiny little dollhouse setting.

Happy 200th! :D And happy holidays!
Dec. 23rd, 2009 06:05 pm (UTC)
I gotta wonder if Spackles will be jealous of the new addition or not.

[I am glad to see him, though. I missed him over the last few weeks of him not being in the comic.]
Dec. 23rd, 2009 07:26 pm (UTC)
LOL Brilliant! Congratulations on Comic #200!

Merry Christmas to you and yours. =)
Dec. 23rd, 2009 07:39 pm (UTC)
Heeeee! I love Wasabi! I hope we see more of him. Lots more.

And... will you ask David to tell me where he got those sweet tiny dice? I want to give them money. I'd like some tiny dice back for it, of course, but wow... tiiiiny diiiice!!!
Dec. 24th, 2009 03:59 am (UTC)
Micro Metal Dice
You might check a local game shop, or send me a email and I can get them.
Re: Micro Metal Dice - cleodhna - Dec. 24th, 2009 10:36 am (UTC) - Expand
(no subject) - kimonos_house - Dec. 24th, 2009 06:28 am (UTC) - Expand
(no subject) - cleodhna - Dec. 24th, 2009 10:35 am (UTC) - Expand
(no subject) - kimonos_house - Dec. 24th, 2009 02:36 pm (UTC) - Expand
(no subject) - cleodhna - Dec. 26th, 2009 01:54 pm (UTC) - Expand
Dec. 23rd, 2009 10:14 pm (UTC)
Hahaa! Action shot!! :D The blur is perfect, and I love how WTF Spackles looks in the last frame.

Happy 200, Happy Holidays, and welcome to Wasabi! ^_^
Dec. 24th, 2009 06:31 am (UTC)
Thank you! ^_^ I was really happy with my blur (and my airbrushing out of strings). And thanks for inspiring the leap from the tree. :D
Dec. 24th, 2009 03:50 am (UTC)
Micro Metal Dice
Glad to see the micro dice made it into the comic. They do make a great gift. If anyone else is interested in the micro dice, check your local game shop if they carry Chessex dice they might have them or send me a e-mail and I can get them.
Dec. 24th, 2009 06:29 am (UTC)
Re: Micro Metal Dice
Thank you again! I'll be sending you a little something in the mail. ^_^
Re: Micro Metal Dice - seanmonster - Dec. 24th, 2009 04:04 pm (UTC) - Expand
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( 37 comments — Leave a comment )

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