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I have a hard time being the first to use a fresh tub of butter. There's something so perfect about new butter, with its golden ripples and little button in the center. When I was a kid, I would take the butter to my mother, and she'd run a knife or spoon across it to mess it up, so I wouldn't have to. Now that I'm grown, I have to mess the butter up myself. Oh, sure. I have to work at a dull job and pay bills, but no one told me that grown-ups have to mess up their own butter!

I took a much-needed trip to Austin this weekend, and I made my first visit to Toy Joy. Such an awesome place! They have so many weird and obscure toys, but I squealed with joy when I saw they have Re-Ment miniatures. I've only bought these lovely, Japanese imports online, so this was my first time to actually buy them from a store. I bought several boxes trying to get the chocolates from the Elegant Sweets set before my wallet ran dry. I didn't get the chocolates, but I did get this beautiful set of mini cakes. So pretty!

KT updated three times last week, so be sure to go back if you missed it. And it's the beginning of a new month! Be sure to vote so we can have a bonus comic again at the end of this month. If KT is in the top 100 of Top Web Comics for a day, there will be a bonus episode Monday, March 29.

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