Kimono's Townhouse (kimonos_house) wrote,
Kimono's Townhouse

A peek at KT's inception

Hello, dearest readers!

First off, thank you so much to all of you. You all keep me inspired and motivated to create. ^_^

Someone commented on an accessory in today's comic, which is one of one my favorites, as well. Kimono's Townhouse began as a series of photo fics in my journal, and people in my friends list encouraged me to create a webcomic centered on the adventures of Kimono and Minty. (It's all their fault! ~_^) The accessory, a tiny shipping container, was featured in one of these early stories.

So, I present to you here a little peek at KT history. From January 2006, this is "Kimono Receives a Package."

Two stories in one day! :D


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