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Alternatively, Kimono might consider pretending to have the plague.

Many apologies for updating late two weeks in a row. It's spring in Texas, which means it either doesn't rain, and we get wildfires, or it does rain, and we get tornadoes. The sirens went off late last night, and my husband and I piled into his closet with our cats and every pillow we could grab. I really ought to have a few comics ready to go for such circumstances.

Tags: brightly, sakura (cherry blossom)

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    This, of course, begs the question of what happens if a bird yawns. Do they end up flying backwards?

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    And we're back! I had a long, unintended absence. Between event planning, presentations at conferences, helping friends and sharing my computer…

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    Thing I will miss the most about the library: Yesterdaisy. Her winding tale is based on my father-in-law's endless stories about Elvis, most of…

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