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It would help if she at least opened her word processing program.

I had a fit of inspiration a few years ago and started a manuscript, writing from December 2008 to February 2009. Creativity comes in bursts for me, and I quickly switch from one project to another. This comic, in fact, is one of the few projects I've stuck with for any period of time. This week, though, I reopened the manuscript and began writing again. Will it last this time? Who knows!

Today is my mother's birthday, and I want to recognize everything she's done for me. When I was very young, I composed lots of short stories. I would draw the illustrations, and my mother would write the words I dictated to her. This allowed me to play with language much more than I would have otherwise, not being held back by concerns about handwriting or spelling. I became a storyteller because of this gift from my mother. Mom, thank you. Happy birthday.

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