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About Kimono’s Townhouse

Kimono has just moved into a gorgeous townhouse. It has everything a pony could want—a well–appointed kitchen, an office with a balcony, spacious bedrooms and a lovely view. There's just one problem. She has to share it with Minty.

Kimono's Townhouse follows the story of Kimono, Minty and all their friends.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you use photos because you can't draw?
Actually, I'm told that I draw quite nicely, and I do enjoy drawing. However, drawing doesn't give me an excuse to play with my toys!

Where did you get that new Kimono/Minty?
The "variant" Kimonos and Mintys are actually customs I made. I wanted to make the characters more dynamic, and since My Little Ponies are not poseable, I had to create new poses for them. You can read more about this process in the Behind-the-Scenes Tour.

How many Kimonos/Mintys do you have?
The current herd consists of seven Kimonos (two Hasbro releases, and five customs) and six Mintys (three Hasbro releases, and three customs). More customs will be created soon.

Can I buy a Kimono/Minty variant from you?
Sorry, but my custom ponies are not for sale, and I no longer take commissions. There are lots of other customizers out there who would be happy to help you, and there's always the possibility that Hasbro will release another Kimono or Minty.

How did you make your customs?
I consider some aspects of the process for making Kimono and Minty to be trade secrets. However, you can learn the basics of customizing My Little Ponies at one of my old websites, Customizing 101.

Where do you get all those great accessories?
Most of the accessories I use are from My Little Pony, Barbie, My Scene, Bratz or Fisher Price Loving Family playsets. A few of the accessories were made by me or one of my talented friends. The house itself is a Fisher Price Special Edition Townhouse, which is now sadly discontinued.

What camera/lighting/programs do you use?
For pages 1 through 86, I used a Kodak EasyShare CX6200 digital camera. I am currently using a Kodak Easyshare MD853. Sets are lit by two lamps with GE Reveal light bulbs. All photos are edited in Photoshop 6. With the CX6200, I adjusted the exposure by +0.5 and I did not use the flash. With the MD853, I use the macro setting and set the white balance to Tungsten, with no exposure adjustments and no flash.

My photography skills are still developing, which is most evident in the early pages of the comic. Hopefully, some amount of humor makes up for those early attempts.

How do you make your word balloons?
I'm surprised at how often I'm asked this! You can find tutorials at that are similar to the methods I use. I give a brief explanation of my basic balloon techniques in this thread and I explain special effects balloons in this one.

What inspired this comic?
The Odd Couple. The X-Files. Ren and Stimpy. Red and Mokey Fraggle.

Specifically, Kimono and Minty represent the two sides of my own personality. Kimono is me with a dash of Frasier. Minty is also me, with heavy doses of Stimpy and Homer Simpson. When Kimono talks to Minty, it's really just me talking to myself. Many of the scenarios are drawn from my own life, especially from my first year of marriage, when I was adjusting to sharing a house with my husband.

What's the deal with Minty?
Minty might appear dimwitted to the casual observer, but she is not. Her temperament varies wildly depending on several factors, the two biggest ones being how much sleep and how much caffeine she's had. Like most geeks I know (myself included), Minty can go from writing elegant HTML to playing with something that makes funny noises, and she sees nothing wrong with that.

Are you a furry?
No. o_O

How can I support Kimono's Townhouse?
Support is always welcome. You can support KT by linking to it from your blog or website. Find out how you can get free wallpapers in exchange for links! If you link to KT, consider using one of our link banners.

You can write reviews at or, or write reviews on your own site. Fans can also use any of the free avatars I've created and give credit to spread the word. I will also gladly do interviews, and you can email me at DavaKB (at)

Copyright Info and Credits

My Little Pony and all related characters, including Kimono and Minty, are copyright of Hasbro. This site is not affiliated with Hasbro, and the characters have been used without permission. I hope they consider it free advertisement.

Huge thank you to av8rmike at s2expressive for helping me debug my LiveJournal layout.

"Mighty Zeo 2.0" font is copyright of Nate Peikos of, and is used under the terms of the license agreement for independent comics. Be sure to check out his site. He's pretty awesome.

Kimono's futon and tatami mat bedding were created by R. Korol of PlasticNoodles. Be sure to visit her site to see more of her lovely creations!

Custom plush and seasonal items created by Jill Christine of Mint Conspiracy. Careful! Her work is addictive!

All photographs, storylines and scenarios from Kimono's Townhouse are copyright of Dava Butler. Please don't sue me, Hasbro.

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