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Oh, I'm sorry! You weren't doing anything, were you?

The past month or so, I've found myself drawing a lot at work, and not as a means of goofing off. I've always drawn well, and people admire my work, but I've been told all my life not to pursue art as a career, because it simply is not a viable option. (At some point, I decided miniatures are cool and decided to make a comic with photos rather than a pen, but that's another kettle of fish.) So I land a job as an educator at a paleontological dig site. I'm not a paleontologist, just a sidekick. Lo and behold, what does the paleontologist want me to do? Draw! I've drawn so many teeth from so many extinct animals, I'm having dreams about teeth. I am, however, getting paid to do it, which feels like I've completed some strange circle.

This anecdote is related to nothing, but then again, neither is Yesterdaisy's little interjection.

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